The Wall Street Journal (Europe)

"...Yaroslav Popovych recalls a childhood characterized by poverty and boundaries. In an email interview, he remembers "as though it were today" when "we started to become aware that apart from races in our backyards, there were wonderful competitions around the world." He recalls watching the international events on videocassettes smuggled by a cycling team-mate's brother from Italy. "Not even in my most delicious dreams," Mr. Popovych writes, "could I believe that one day I might have the opportunity to live like 'those' men." Read "The Other Race for Ukraine", here.

The Wall Street Journal (Europe)

"In line with the most recent figures available within the U.K., which indicate that deaths related to new, psychoactive substances increased to 68 in 2012 from 10 in 2009, the 2014 Global Drug Survey strongly suggests that the products often referred to as "legal highs"—designed to mimic the effects of cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy—present particularly large risks to Great Britain..." Read "The Low-Down on Legal Highs", here.

Men's Health

'MH opens a stash of the pills, potions and supplements that have the most powerful effects on your body. Tell the game-changing highs, from the health-threatening lows...' Please click here for further enquiries.

"Blood Sport"

'Rezistență supraomenească, fără efort suplimentar. Te tentează? Men’s Health și-a propus să descopere ce rezultate poate să obțină un amator, dacă trișează la nivel profesionist. Află ce efecte are dopajul cu EPO asupra corpului tău.'

Feature syndicated to Men's Health Magazine (Romania). Please click here to contact Natalie White.

‘The Battle for Ukraine’

'…The 1990’s saw the Soviet rule-book torn to pieces, and the lawless east of Ukraine became a modern day wild west…smash-and-grab capitalism, saw rival factions engaged in a bitter fight over the country’s resources. It was a bloody struggle, as evidenced by the bullet holes that pepper the signposts near Donetsk...'

Women's Health costs thousands to get your teeth fixed on the NHS. In Budapest, you can get a Hollywood smile for EURO 300. Women's Health sent me to Europe, in order to investigate the rise of health tourism...

Women's Health (March). For syndication enquiries, click here to contact Natalie White.

‘The Fight That Changed America’

…The back story of Clay vs. Liston is a troubling, acid-etched snapshot of a culture unable to atone for its role in slavery, or set right the injustice of segregation. For two men, and a helpless, hapless nation, fight night in Florida was both a realisation and desecration of the American Dream…

Esquire Weekly/UK (Issue 24). For syndication enquiries, click here to contact Natalie White.

Esquire Weekly

"…welcome to the Alice in Wonderland world of lifestyle medication, where it’s possible to medicate against life’s pleasures, successes, pressures and excesses. The rewards are great, but are we ready for the risks?" Published in Esquire Weekly/UK (Issue 24). Please click here for further enquiries

‘Blood Sport’

My long-read about how the amateur man attempts to blood dope using EPO in order to improve their stamina ahead of the 2013 Tour De France, can currently be read in December’s edition of Men’s Health Poland.

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‘We'll call it a Himalayan Poppy’

...the garden echoed with Heidi's strange, soft syncopation, as her hair fell like tendrils of honey in the sun...

Short story, long-listed for the 2013 HISSAC and published in March's edition of The Warwick Review, alongside work by Louis de Bernières, Paula Bohince and many more.

Men's Health

"In contemporary British drug culture, the chemist is king. Class As are having their molecular structures tweaked and made legally available, leaving the authorities flat-footed. On the 25th anniversary of Trainspotting's publication, we found out what legal highs are really doing to your body (using the first publicly available lab tests of Europe’s best known brands)." For all enquiries please click here. 


‘Leo Sternbach’s Ghost’

Click the title above to read an extract from work which was commended for the 2013 Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine.

Blood Sport

Super-human stamina, no extra effort. Tempted? Men’s Health set out to discover what an amateur man can achieve with professional-grade cheating.

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Why are women still considered more insane than men?

As Valium celebrates its 50th birthday, Prozac turns 25, and the Psychiatrist’s Bible’ is republished for the first time in 13 years, pharmaceutical companies are pinning hopes for their brightest drugs on female patients.

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Valium’s 50th Birthday: Little to Celebrate

...perhaps pickings in that week’s British Medical Journal had been lean – or patients that day exasperating – because the topic of conversation was a newspaper article about a Swiss circus-master who had found a drug to calm his tigers…

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What’s Waiting at Elm Tree Loan

Short-listed for The 2012 Shiva Naipaul Memorial Prize 

…Elm Tree Loan is the last stop in a cycle of cruelty and brutalisation. It’s a series of bleak, sunless rooms where all the world’s meannesses and cruelties seem to accumulate…

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Valium Is Killing Scotland’s Drug Taking Poor

...many of us have been left with the mistaken belief that Valium is the preserve of the clinically bored, middle-aged housewife, when really the drug is killing Scotland's poorest men – detected in the bodies of 72 percent of all victims of drug-related death.

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