PATEK PHILIPPE sent me to explore Russia's mysterious Kamchatka Peninsula for Volume IV No. 2 of the brand's magazine. 


MEN'S HEALTH MAGAZINE sent me to a Soviet ghost-town on the Barents Sea to write a feature about Russia’s fearless cold water surfers. Esteemed photographer Graham Hughes shot exceptional images of Teriberka—balancing gritty sports portraiture with wild vistas of the abandoned city. Click on the title above to read my feature for the magazine, or access additional shots from the set via Graham's portfolio at Ridley Scott & Associates.

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Men's Health Magazine

The global market for psychoactive substances is changing. Use of "legal high" drugs, has left authorities flat-footed. Twenty five years after the publication of Trainspotting, I conducted some of the first laboratory tests possible, on the legal substances which differ by mere molecules from Schedule I drugs.    

Esquire Weekly (Issue 24)

Esquire Weekly published "The Fight That Changed America" to mark the 50th anniversary of Muhammad Ali's defeat of Sonny Liston. Click on the title above to read the full feature.

The Wall Street Journal

Ryszard Kapuściński wrote that the region of Kolyma "will pass, together with Auschwitz, Treblinka, Hiroshima and Vorkuta, in the history of the greatest nightmares of the twentieth century." Click on the title above to read my essay, "On the Road With the Ghosts of the Gulag" for The Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal

Kiev's annual cycling race, which was once a highlight of the Soviet era, offers fresh hope to a struggling nation. Click on the title above to read "The Other Race for Ukraine" for The Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal

Britain has among the harshest drug laws in Europe, and among the worst drug problems. Click on the title above to read "The Low-Down on Legal Highs" for The Wall Street Journal.

Esquire Weekly (Issue 29)

"…The 1990’s saw the Soviet rule-book torn to pieces, as the lawless east of Ukraine became a modern day wild west…smash-and-grab capitalism, saw rival factions engaged in a bitter fight over the country’s resources. It was a bloody struggle, as evidenced by the bullet holes that pepper the signposts near Donetsk..." Click here for re-productions of "The Battle for Ukraine" from Esquire Weekly (Issue 29).